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Black Blood Zine #3 review

BLACK BLOOD ‘Zine #3 (Greece)
February 2007
40 pages A4 – English written

Another defender of the old way of making a zine, Ayfandis Dimitrios aka Unholy Sodomizer heads this piece of blasphemy focused on a certain stream of metal. The cut n’ paste rules here as well as intolerance towards pro computerized lay-out and internet. Probably to avoid unwanted contact with trendy fuckers or any rip-off bastards.
The content, as mentioned above, is dedicated to raw, filthy and blasphemous hordes of the black/death/thrash metal cult: BESTIAL RAIDS, EMBRACE OF THORNS, INSIDE, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, AGE OF AGONY, SADOLUST, BEAST PETRIFY, MORBOSIDAD and EQUINOXIO. The interviews are ok although sometimes the autopsy could have been led further, instead of just molesting the corpse, the way of necrophilia could have been more exciting.
The usual demos/EP/CD/LP section is not missing, the guy is rather objective but he rarely brutalized the stuff as it’s mostly based on things he likes (fuck the rest!).
More interesting, the zines reviews section, where he gives an honest advice (although sometimes it’s a bit short) and when something doesn’t please him, it’s written.
Articles about the Cthulhu myth and Hammer movies, and a column about music by the editor, appear and go to the essential.
Quite good job anyway, I am not a die hard fan but BLACK BLOOD ‘Zine will definitively find underground supporters.
Contact: Ayfandis Dimitrios – PO BOX 3350 – 10210 ATHENS – HELLAS

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