dimanche 11 avril 2010

CACODAEMON Tales of demoncy Review

CACODAEMON (Fin) – Tales of demoncy
CD 2007 – Kaos Propaganda Productions
12 tracks – 43’03
Rated : 6/10

After a more or less acclaimed release that was “The demoniac invocation” which was a raw death/black record highly influenced by death and black metal from the 80’s, here is the last record of CACODAEMON as the band split up. I have here the CD version but don’t worry vinyl lovers the LP version is soon to be released by Exh Goëtie from France who released the previous one in cooperation with D.U.K.E.
If some people could complain about the previous album which was seen as chaotic, rehearsal-like sounding or even played as if the guys where drunk, this “Tales of demoncy” is by far more mastered in terms of musicianship. CACODAEMON is (was) still a death/black metal outfit in the old school vein, maybe more death metal than ever. Less BEHERIT or BATHORY influences but more HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST and POSSESSED ones with according to me more 90’s ones like some body-bits of AUTOPSY and PUNGENT STENCH. The vocals are probably a part of this “evolution”, really deep and guttural, they give a bestial side to the death metal of CACODAEMON, recorded with some reverb to keep the old school feeling.
The band is so attached to the roots of the early days that they compose tracks with some really common riffs and forget a part of catchiness, so sometimes you feel like listening the same track during many minutes. Fortunately, an atmospheric outro appears and helps you to leave your lethargic state (Necromancy of the dead).
Despite this “simple” death metal brand, the whole album bathes in obscurity and occultism, nothing too much cerebral (even if those who read Cruciatus’s interview can often feel confused because of some of his hermetic answers or was it because my English is too poor to understand him, ahah!), but more the feelings that emanate from the music and that is really enjoyable and opposite to the actual brutal plastic death metal with crystal production where the emotion and feeling reach nothingness. A band dedicated to a fistful of maniacs.
Contact: JP ETELAHATI – Harjulankatu 11 A 29 – 15150 LAHTI – FINLAND

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